My first YSL reveal!

  1. Anyone up for my first YSL reveal? ;)
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  2. Here!!
  3. let's see! Let's see!!!!
  4. IMG_1225.jpg
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  5. IMG_1226.jpg

    All wrapped up in the dust bag
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  6. Is it College Bag??
  7. Good guess, but nope!
  8. IMG_1227.jpg

    A little sneak peek
  9. IMG_1228.jpg

    Welcome home, gorgeous! Large envelope chevron flap bag in matelassé leather! I love the chevron so much more than the mixed one.
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Beautiful bag! Congratz!
  13. Congrats! Great bag.
  14. Thanks darling!
  15. Thanks love!