My First YSL in Pics -- Is it a Keeper?

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  1. As I mentioned in my other posts, I bought my first YSL yesterday. I wasn't planning on getting a bag, but my SA pulled this one from the back and the price seemed good. I've always liked this style a lot and I doubt I'll ever find a leather one for as low of a price ($594.90). My only hesitancy comes from it being white -- I don't normally do white bags, but my SA sold me on this one when it had two spots on it that she easily removed by using a leather conditioner!! It seems that because of the coating over the canvas, that it might be a little easier to keep clean than just plain old canvas or even leather.

    I'm just not 100% convinced. I'm normally an MJ girl and have been saving for f/w bags -- my SA insists that I could carry this bag into the fall, but I'm not so sure. I can't decide if I should just return it or not. I know you guys are all YSL fans, but is this really worth keeping? I would really rather have a leather one, but I don't see myself spending much more than $600-700 for one and I was thinking that it's just not going to happen -- my thinking is, if I want this style (within my price range), then this is going to be it. Should I just keep this one or should I return it in the hopes that I'll find a leather one sometime within my price range (is that even a possibility? My SA says she's never seen a leather one on sale)

  2. [​IMG]
  3. the embossed bottom (which I think is very cool!)

  4. I really like the style of the bag, but I frankly don't think it can be carried year-round. I have the Raspail in the same material and can simply not imagine it using it in the winter.

    Plus, I do think if you check the YSL outlets or other stores I'm pretty sure you'll find leather versions on sale. Each season, there have been some colours of the Muse for 40% off or even less and I think it's pretty much the same for the Downtown.

    My advice is, if you're not 100% sure about the bag and might keep thinking about another version of it, return it and put the funds towards a solid leather version!
  5. Hi! I just saw your PM but I thought i'd just respond here =)

    Honestly, I had the same reservations as you when I purchased this bag...but the price I bought it for just couldn't be beat. When I couldn't sell it on craigslist (I was too scared to try e-bay), I finally just decided to use the darn thing.... and ya know what??? I didn't switch the bag out for months! I loved it so much...its versatility, lightweigt, and so chic! I got lots of compliments for it and it was just overall a very functional bag. Surprisingly, I didn't get it dirty but I do have to warn you one thing... The back bottom portion of the bag started to turn a bit grey-ish (but very subtle). At first, I thought it was getting dirty but the closer I looked, the more I realized that it was actually the white paint wearing off a bit. So, I'm a bit sad about that and I've been meaning to call the YSL boutiques to ask if they can do anything about it.

    I personally think that it's a keeper but I would definitely not throw the bag around (not that we would ever do that to our beloved YSLs! ) and I would be careful that the back portion doesn't rub up too much on anything to keep the white paint from fading.

  6. oh and lastly, if you're really looking for the leather version of this bag (which i am looking to purchase as well) I believe some tpfers have gotten them for about $600 during sales (I think around November?)
  7. thank you ysl1993!! That's actually one of the things I do LOVE about this bag is that it is so lightweight & roomy -- I tend to carry larger bags and when I go to work, I still carry a tote bag too, but I think I could get away with carrying everything I need inside of this bag and loose the tote. And because the inside is coated canvas (like the outside), I wouldn't feel so guilty about tossing my shoes inside (which I usually carry in sleepers anyhow) -- they don't fit in my handbags, which is why I usually carry a tote too, but they would easily fit inside her alongside all my other stuff.

    I honestly would prefer a leather version -- esp if it were suede lined!! -- but I wonder how much of a chance I really have of finding one for $600. I've honestly NEVER seen a leather one for less than $1k and honestly, I don't think I'd spend that much for this bag when there are so many MJs that I want (esp this season!). This was a 2nd markdown and a customer return -- I would think these would probably sell out after 1st markdowns, which would still be more than I'd really want to pay. But who knows -- maybe I'll come to love this style so much that I'll change my mind and decide to pay more for a leather version -- maybe the coated canvas is the perfect way for me to find something new I love!!!

    Do you carry your bag on your shoulder a lot or do you tend to carry it on your arm? Did you have any problems with color transfer (from clothing)? I don't wear blue jeans, so I'm not worried about that, but I do wear a lot of black, navy and grey --
  8. I wouldn't carry this bag in the winter either -- but what about into the fall? It seems like the "No white after Labor Day" rule is pretty non-existent nowadays -- doesn't the black trim make it a little more versatile?
  9. I carry the bag usually on my shoulders or on my arms. Also, I haven't had any problems at all with color transfer although I do make sure that when I'm wearing my dark jeans, I switch to another bag.

    I would personally carry this bag all year long. I'm not really into following any fashion rules or anything =) The best part about this bag is also that I haven't seen anyone else with least not in my area.
  10. yea -- I did a search and found very little info about it -- someone else said that they thought these were a little harder to find/come by -- I do know that this same bag is still full price on NM's website, so apparently, they're promoting it for fall/winter
  11. I don't know if I'm much help, but I was in the Neiman's last call in Milpitas, CA...and there were aloottt of YSL bags for an unbelievable price. I would've snatched one if I was more aware of YSL styles and hadn't abused my CC to its limit.. I'm not so sure of the styles, but there was a few small tributes(?) for about $500..

    Sorry if I'm not that helpful =\
  12. I don't know, I think it's a fantastic bag--I love my suede lined DT--but if you have reservations about the bag, I'm thinking you should return it. It's not impossible to find a leather version for a good price during the sales. Especially if they are in seasonal colors. I remember one member, awhile back, got a large olive DT for around 479 dollars, I forget who, but that is quite the bargain. If you wait it out, I'm sure you'll be able to find something within your price range. Or, try calling the outlets and see if they have anything available in all leather.
  13. I don't think this bag can be carried all year round. It's more a summer bag to me. If I were you, I'd keep the money and wait for the leather version to come along in your price range. You will have more chance to get the leather one if your price range is up for $200 more so. I won't settle for the one I don't like much even it saves me $200. Think this paid 70% of the cost of the bag you love for the bag you don't love. I'd rather skip my daily Starbuck latte for 3 months to have the leather one.

    Hope it makes sense.
  14. ^I have to agree with chinsumo and Pandora11. I'd return it. It sounds like you'd really prefer an all-leather Downtown. Your reservations now could turn to major regret a week from now... I'd try to save up, or wait for the sales, or check the outlets. Frankly my honest opinion is that a white canvas bag is really only going to have limited usability in Chicago.
  15. ^ I agree with all of the others. I do think it's a great spring/summer bag and that you received a good discount on it, but it sounds like you really want a leather version. The one with the suede interior would be the deerskin Downtown (the soft leather version with no exterior pocket) and I think you'd eventually be able to track one down at a discounted price. I know some others here have had luck with markdowns on them and I believe certain colors may have even made their way to the outlets at one point. You could try giving the YSL boutiques and outlets a call to see if there are any available out there and if not, you can always wait for the next round of sales and see what's included.

    Go with what you really want, you'll never be truly happy with the one you have if you feel like you're settling.