My first tokidoki bag!

  1. Discovering the wonderful world of Tokidoki certainly has been fun for me. As my Christmas present, I was allowed to choose a handbag for myself. This in itself a difficult task, as I am completely clueless when it comes to handbags!

    I had begun to despair as I had looked at many different types but they didn't seem to interest me. I happened to stumble across a Lesportsac store while I was overseas in Malaysia. I'd never heard of this brand before, let alone Tokidoki! I was instantly smitten! :nuts:

    I ended up buying a paradiso bella. It's so cute! Unfortunately the shop didn't have any tokidoki denaros.

    When I got back home I looked up this brand on eBay... and discovered some strangely cheap, dodgy looking ones. Hmm... Researching fakes brought me to this forum and to the

    I've been delighted reading the specific features of these bags, and learning about things like print placement or how to keep the bag clean. It has been very useful finding out who is a genuine seller on eBay. I've since purchased a vacanze denaro from eBay, and happily awaiting its arrival in the mail! :drool:

    My next target will be a trenino... I'm interested in the pirata or spiaggia designs. Sadly this brand isn't sold in Australia at all :crybaby: so I am dependent on internet shopping. I haven't really seen a print placement I like for spiaggia yet... I love the fish on it with that turquoise colour! There's some pirata on offer at the moment that aren't that great either (eg just legs on it). The ones I do like... well there's also the matter of saving up for it... ;)
  2. Congrats! Post picture!!! :]
  3. Congratulations! Please post pictures of your vacanze denaro when it arrives. Thanks!!
  4. I'll be sure to post pics of my bella and denaro as soon as I get my camera fixed (perhaps around when the denaro arrives!).

    I'm looking forward to showing a pic of the denaro, it has the little girl dressed in a puppy suit on it, with the medicinal barrel at her neck. I thought this was perfect as I'm studying med. :lol:
  5. That's very nice & hard to find placement for a denaro!! That girl is my sister's favourite!! (Mine is Candy Cane Girl).
  6. I think Pirata is better than Spaggia for a bag large as the Trenino. Reasons:

    * Spaggia has yellow interior, dirt and marks show up pretty quickly unless you take extra care. Difficult to do when traveling.

    * Pirata's teal-blue interior is one of a kind. Spaggia's yellow is similar to Paradiso's.

    * Should you grow sick of your bag and wish to sell on ebay later, Pirata prints fetch much higher bids than Spaggia.

    * Pirata is the 1 of the 3 most sought after prints
  7. Thank you so much for that advice about the two prints Chipmunk-pnw! :smile:

    I have to admit I love the blue interior of the piratas. Certainly during travel, keeping things clean can be impractical. Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open for any that may present themselves.

    I was also pondering how to keep the inside of my bella clean too :smile: I wonder if spraying the inside with scotchgard would do the trick.... I'll have to look at some of those cleaning bag posts!
  8. Pictures of my Paradiso Bella and brand new Vacanze Denaro! :yes:






  9. Thanks for posting the pics! They're so cute (^ @ ^ )
  10. Aww! You got such a cute placement for your denaro! :heart: :heart: :heart: THE Little girl! and ice creams!

    Also the paradiso is always lovely! haha for a second it could KINDA pass for a winter scene :p.

    Nice start to your collection! ^___^ Hope it keeps on growing!
  11. Awww!!! You got that cute little rocker kid on your Bella. xD Too bad he's not on my Paradiso(It's even a Gioco and not a ssmall bag! =[ )

    And I love the Sasquach on your... Vacanze. xD