My first toki and more toki excitement!

  1. It came in the mail yesterday courtesy of mariemac1961 on eBay! My spiaggia dolce! I'm in love with the little girl buried in the sand, the crab holding the ring, the pineapple and deer with sakura blossoms in her antlers!! Plus no bikini chick cleavage! :yahoo:



    About an hour or so after it came in the mail, my mom called from Hawaii from the Lesportsac Outlet to ask what print did I want on a tokidoki! She said all she could find were bella's in inferno, paradiso and OP and bella bella's in OP. She said that the OP looked the best on the bella since the zippers were cutting through babies and devils on the other prints! I asked her to pick me up an OP Bella b/c I'm afraid the bella bella might be too big for me! So she's bringing it home with her in 18 days! :woohoo:

    I also did 2 BIN's on eBay (from 73papasmurfs) and got a foresta bambino (featuring my beloved koi fish on both sides!) and a l'amore bambinone. The L'Amore was the first print I saw when I was vacationing in Hawaii but I was dumb and didn't buy it then! Anyways, they shipped out yesterday so I should have them this week!! :smile:

    I'm hoping to hear back from Lindsey at SH re: the Paradiso Mamma Mia and Bambinone and an Inferno bambino. Even though I think I might want the inferno in someting bigger... :nuts:

    All in all, it shaping up to be a GREAT week! My birthday is Tuesday and I'm getting another ultrasound then so I'm hoping to find out if it's a boy or a girl and I should be getting 2 tokis in the mail unless I find something else I simply must have!!
  2. congrats esmeraude! adios surfing.... i :heart::heart: it! lol. first bag... but this week, u'll have about 6 more bags? u've officially caught the toki bug! :tup: YAY!
  3. Wow, congratulations!:tup: You're amassing quite a collection in a short time!:p
  4. wow!
  5. Wow, that's a lot of bags purchased over the span of a week or so. Congrats!
  6. LOL, no bikini cleavage! hahaha! congrats on all your purchases :]
  7. congrats on all your purchases!! wow that's a lotta toki really fast ... lol :woohoo:
  8. Whoa, somebody is hooked! lol Congrats on your new purses and hopefully the others will arrive really soon =)

    Best wishes on your ultrasound to! You're going to need the Toki cucciolo now because it has that changing pad. And I don't mean to be an enabler ;)
  9. YAY!!! I absolutely lover your toki!! ohh... a boy or a girl? yup def. need to the diaper bag I agree! hahaha heck might as well.

  10. cute dolce!! love the surfing adios and the deer... congrats on getting bitten by the tokibug :lol: ...keep us updated if its boy or a girl :biggrin:
  11. wow! congratz on ur new bags!
  12. congrats on your dolce! it's super cute!! =)