My First Time...

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  1. spending serious money on a bag! From almost 3k to 650...but still!

    Please purse people assure me I'm not INSANE! Am not going to have seller ship her yet because I am moving Oct. 4th and flying so probably ask her to ship my new wearable work of art next Monday.

    Anybody young, single, not wealthy into Valentino that can identify with my first purse splurge, which I realize is not a lot compared to most around here, but it is for me. (Although it's purchased with gift money and I have been really good and frugal lately anyway)
  2. Let's see what you bought! :nuts:
  3. Brand new coral Demetra, but she's not shipped yet! Saw this bag in Bergdorf's and it's TDF but could never afford retail!
  4. I measure my purses in terms of the joy they bring me: you spend lots more than this on mundane unfun things like taxes, medical care, etc. money well spent I say when it's for something that is wearable art :smile:
  5. + 1!
    I enjoy my bags and shoes. It is sort of therapy for me just to look at them.
    It is time for everything in this life. I used to work 7 days a week, taking calls from ER and could not bring myself to spend 250$ for brand new Pablo Picasso bag in Saks 20 years ago.
    Enjoy your new bag and many more should come your way in red dust bags!
    You are not insane! You just happen to have exceptionally great taste for a young person!
  6. If you are going to buy something like this, resolve yourself to it and enjoy it instead of questioning whether you should have. In other words, don't let worry and wondering about it steal the joy it can bring you. Let yourself love it. ;)

    And I am not young and single, but let my words of older wisdom help you ... enjoy life!
  7. Thanks guys! It IS a birthday present purchased with gift money. I thought a lot before I pulled the trigger about whether I would feel too guilty to enjoy it, and I know once I receive her I'll only feel happy, no more guilt. I'm a thrifting designer queen, most of my clothes have been under $5ish, so spending the money on one bag seems even more justified. :smile: It just CAN'T become my gateway drug into premier designers! Even though my e-bay watch list has a whole bunch more bags in it...eep!

    Thanks purse friends!
  8. You know...I felt the same way about what you are saying a few years ago, but then I stopped and thought to myself....and I realized that one should enjoy each and every moment of their life. Live each day to its fullest....of course that does not mean you should go out and spend every single dime you have, but enjoy life and have no regrets. I love all my Valentino handbags and each one is special in its own way and I love to enjoy them.
  9. My first job was as the Junior at Valentino when I was 19!

    All the other girls were very rich and gave me their clothes so I was dressed head to toe in Valentino at 19, when I looked about 12, and had my lunch in Sloane's Pizzeria every day - the under 10s pizza at £1.20!
  10. Don't feel guilty about it, after all, like other ladies said, it's the joy it brings that matters. There's nothing wrong in buying something every once in a while that you like and makes you smile.