My First Taste Of Chanel :)


Apr 19, 2008
Hi Everyone! I finally got my very first Chanel bag, the Ultimate Soft Medium Handbag. I'm in love! Now I think I'm craving for more. ;)

Thanks for looking! :smile:





Congratulations! What a wonderful choice for a first Chanel. It looks fantastic on you too!

I know what you mean about one Chanel not being enough. Damn those constant price increases, Chanel is continuously getting further an further out of my reach and now I want mooooooooore. *LOL*
Thanks everyone! I actually took forever in the store. I was choosing between the Medium / Large Black Caviar Flap with Silver Hardware and the Small Shopping Bag / Tote (is this the PST? I hope I got the names right!).

I was starting to pay for the PST when the SA said they don't have a new one and they have to ship. I agreed but as I was walking around waiting for the receipt, I saw this little beauty! I grabbed it and fell in love with the softness! Hahaha.

I can't stop thinking about the other 2 bags I was originally looking at! Is this the start of an addiction? :biggrin: