My First [Small] Balenciaga Purchase!

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  1. Hey Everyone!
    Here's what I bought today at the Neiman Marcus sale :yahoo:

    My mom bought a Gucci bag and I bought this wallet! The original price was $475. I'm not sure what color this is, can someone help me identify it? The tag just says white, but it's more ivory. There are a few tiny black spots on it because it was the floor sample, but it was in better condition than the one they had in the back which they said was "new" but had a big stain on it! I absolutely :heart: the color...

    The bag section at NM was crazy today! People were snatching up Balenciagas like pieces of candy or something, lol...I hope NM has this kind of sale more often! ;)

    I would also love a First to match, but they only had this season's white at NM. Can anyone can tell me if and where the ivory color is still available?



  2. Oh, I love white! It contrasts beautifully with the antiqued hardware. Too few people are brave enough to get white leather goods nowadays, it's a shame. :woohoo:
  3. congrats!
  4. congrats on your score! if you don't mind me asking, how much were you able to get it a bal lurker newbie...didn't know they go on sale! (i'm thinking the money wallet is a classic or something)
  5. so beautiful!!!!! Congrats!!
  6. Congrats!! I think the black spots you are talking about is the famous Balenciaga freckles, it is normal of this type of leather, some bags have it, some don't :smile:
  7. Oh I forgot to ask, how much on sale did you get this for?
  8. Love it!!
    I had a white that was that colour too... so that looks right, unless it's ivory. Congrats on your purchase!
  9. It's beautiful! I love ivory :smile:
  10. Congrats! its beautiful
  11. I absolutely love this, I know white, or ivory can be a little scary, but this will be so lovely and fresh for summer, hope you'll enjoy her!:heart:
  12. Congrats on the lovely wallet! I was wondering what they looked like inside....
    That is such a pretty white! Enjoy it:heart:
  13. She is lovely!! Congratulations!

  14. :love: Beautiful~ I like the vanilla colour :heart: CONGRATS!!!
  15. wow, so pretty, congrats!!