My first Silks :3

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  1. Hey everyone! Ive been to Paris :heart: yay~* Love it!
    And i bought these~*


    Uhm...loving the vibrant colors? I know the pictures dont show, but the Au cheval sur mon carre has the most amazing colors EVER. so lucky to have got my hands on that
  2. Oooooh and when I was looking for Chanel, I came across that little gem of a brand!
    Introducing: Fauré le Page
    The pattern comes in 4 colors (this one being the brown one)
    brown, green, blue, grey. The prices are kind of similar to Louis I think. Like their Sac Plat is aroun 700€
    This Poche Zippe 35 with a sling was 210.-
    Im loving it to death! So handy rly :heart:
  3. Nice bracelet! Enjoy your scarve!!
  4. We are twins on the CC 70 and if I had my way we would be twins on the Loden CSMC too ;). Kelly DT looks great on you. Very well chosen :yes:
  5. Nice scarfs and bracelet! The clic-clac scarf is something I have looked for this year but alas to no avail... good to see you excited about it! Enjoy!
  6. Great scarves and awesome bracelets.
  7. Congratulation! Great choice!
  8. thankies everyone ^w^
    Im totally hooked now!!!

    Looking forward to "la fête". They had one in grey in store but I want it in the same shade as on the cardigans
  9. Lovely scarves, great cws! Nice bracelet too! Congrats!
  10. Love the bracelet and scarves! Congrats!
  11. Excellent choices, I love your CSMC scarf! Congratulations and enjoy!
  12. Great color of leather on your wrist. Is that a medium or large size? Great choices.
  13. Wonderful choice of scarves and the KDT looks great on you!
  14. gorgeous, everything is so beautiful ! congratulations, and also for going to Paris, it is a magical city indeed :cool:

    this scarf --I was looking for this colourway for a while .it is so you...I remember when you had YSL dark green downtown. I wear scarves the same way as you do, front with scarf ring :biggrin: