My First Short Classic Uggs in Paisley !

  1. About a week ago I recieved my first Short Classic Uggs in Paisley!:yahoo:
    They are really soft and comfortable and perfect for our coldest winter here!


    I've never even tried on a pair of Uggs before, but when I saw this print and the metal plate at the back I couldn't help but order! They were incredible hard find because of the winter season and sold out in most stores, but what do you guys think of the print?

    Yay or Nay?

  2. hey where did you get them at? i really love the color!!
  3. ooh, they're lovely!
  4. Pretty! I want, I want! LOL The color is TDF and i love the metal plate... though I don't think I could pull off that print..
  5. I like them, I wish my classic ones had that metal plate too. lol
  6. there gorgeous! what are you going to wear them with?

    my daughter loves this style too!!!
  8. Very nice, love the metal plate ! :tup:
  9. Cute! I have not seen those, but I have about five pairs of UGGs and they are great for cold weather!
  10. ohh cute! i like the paisley, i havent seen it before! and im sure you will love them! i have three pairs and I wear them constantly!!