My first Rolex. [emoji4]

  1. Hello All, I finally got my Rolex. I made the plunge after saving for a full year.

    Datejust 31

    Oyster perpetual 31mm stainless steel with ever rose and white MOP with bubble diamonds. Jubilee bracelet.

    I can't stop staring at it.

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  2. Congratulations! It looks beautiful. I'm a big fan of the white MOP, it's timeless imo.
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  3. Love it! Congrats..nothing like a rolex stacked with a cartier ;)
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  4. Fabulous! Really stunning. I love your choice of Romans with MOP. Congrats!
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  5. Gorgeous. Love it.
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  6. Looks amazing! Congratulations!
  7. Very pretty! Do you have pics outside in natural light? I’m interested in having my face replaced.
  8. It’s beautiful!
  9. Congrats! I have roman numerals too (but on a pyramid face) and I love the bubble diamonds on your watch too :tup:
  10. I loved the Roman numerals so much better. It took awhile ( a few years) to decide and learn about Rolex. I almost went with all stainless but said I would probably only buy once in my life. So went with rose gold.
    It was so much paper work. It was like buying a car. lol
  11. Nice!

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  12. What is a pyramid face?
  13. IMG_1515798746.413579.jpg
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  14. Beautiful combination, VuittonsLover. Love the MOP dial.
  15. Pretty!