My first RM!

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  1. Finally my first RM arrived and I just picked it up, my MAC with GM hardware :biggrin:. I really really like it but it's very heavy! Am I the only one finding MAC heavy? Anyway, here are pictures. And to my surprise, I don't have to pay duties (in Canada) at all.

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  2. the strap is somewhat heavy but it doesn't bother me. looks great on you!
  3. Love it..we are bag twins!!
  4. Wonderwoman9, klj - thanks! :smile:
  5. great choice - congrats!!!
  6. I have that same bag and it's my favorite right now. Congrats!!!
  7. gorgeous bag and it looks fantastic on you!!! yea the chain can feel heavy at first but you wont notice it after a little
  8. Congrats on your first RM -- black w/ GM is hot!
  9. Wow, I love it! That gunmetal hardware is superb. Yay for another RM in Canada!
  10. ^ this. ;)
  11. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait til mine ships out from LB.
  12. Smokin' bag!!
    I noticed the chain strap was a little heavy at first, but after wearing it for a while I didn't even notice. :smile:

    Looks great on you by the way!

  13. Very pretty! Not sure about the heaviness...I just got my first MAC yesterday and have yet to wear it.
  14. Love it, congrats!!
  15. I guess it's all relative. I am used to carrying MABs so when I wear a MAC I can barely feel it! ha!

    It looks gorgeous on you! Love the blue zipper too. Congrats!