My first RM MAM..which to get?!

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Which color should I get for my first RM MAM?

  1. Fuchsia with Gold bottom

  2. Tangerine

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  1. I am looking for a cute new summer bag and I really like the way that the RM Morning After Mini looks!! So, in looking I'm torn between two colors.

    I'm torn between the Fuchsia with the Gold Crackle bottom OR the Tangerine.

    I haven't seen either IRL, so any suggestions from ya'll would be appreciated!!!

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Tangerine... You'll be able to wear it more and it's more of a classic looking color.
  3. Yes, tangerine!! It looks like fun
  4. I personally think the bright fuschia with gold crackle bottom would be an awesome bag for summer!!
  5. man... very hard choice. After seeing heart go boom's pic the fuschia is looking TDF and i'm very tempted.

    I have a tangerine and I love it! I think the tangerine is the best bet... it will be good for fall too, and it matches with more than i think the fuschia would.

    However the gold crackle bottom is TDF, and i believe is limited edition...

    I'd say get both because you can get 30% off if you get it from Label360 on the tangerine, and the fuschia from NM or Bloomies private sale...

    Get both and return the one you love less..
  6. Oh my I really love both. :smile: Don't you want 2 new bags!! :yahoo:
  7. Tangerine! I have the Tangerine MAM, and it's a much more versatile bag than what I imagine the Fushia would be.
  8. SO I would say if you can rock the fuschia with gold bottom then get it is so different and so gorgeous!
  9. I voted for the tang since it is A LOT easier to match and the color is really nice.
  10. VERY tough call, they are both so pretty. I saw the Tangerine today at Von Maur and it's a very unique color. It's not quite as bright as I thought that it would be which is actually quite nice because you could get away with carrying it all year long.

    The fuchsia is just hot, hot, hot!!

    You can't lose either way!