My First Red Soles!

  1. So a mini shopping spree led me to a CL Boutique where I found these beauties. They should have been sent back months ago, but the one pair (in my size) fell through the cracks like I was meant to have them :smile:
    CL1.jpg CL2.jpg CL3.jpg CL4.jpg CL5.jpg
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  2. OMG these are so cute, congrats!!!
  3. Ohhh so cute! Congrats on the purchase!! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! They are super cute!
  5. So cute!!!! Congrats!
  6. Congrats, very cute style.
  7. Congrats!!! They're lovely!!
  8. those are so cute! i'm a sucker for stripes. congrats on your first pair! hope to see many more :yes:
  9. What a fun shoe! I love 'em!:smile:
  10. lovely choice ! welcome to the addiction love
  11. Those are so cute! Congrats! :flowers:
  12. I love these!! Now I kind of want them :p
  13. They are so cute and look comfortable. Congrats!
  14. Thank you everyone, I am completely in love with them. Believe it or not I have already gotten a chance to wear them (only because I live in Southern California and it's been sunny and low 90s all week), but yes BattyBugs they are comfortable, and the toe box ( what I was concerned with) didn't even bother me! Love them!!!!!!!
  15. Wow so different!