My First Post!

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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Christine, and I’m a 22 year old Coach enthusiast. I decided to become a member on this forum because I want to fall in love with another designer, so any recomendations on my next collection of purses would be appreciated. Here is my cute little collection.

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  2. I like your collection:nuts: The bigger one in picture no 3 is my favorite:love:
  3. He, he sorry it's pic no 4:shame:
  4. Welcome. Wow, you got some of the original Coach bags! Love it love it love it!! I especially like the giant pink tote (4th picture).
  5. Oh yeah, and here is my coach jacket (and wristlet)

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  6. You have a wonderful coach collection!
  7. very nice!
  8. Cute Coach collection :biggrin: I like the pink messenger bag.
  9. I love your collection, as well as the Coach black leather gloves!
  10. thank you for looking at my bags :biggrin:
  11. nice collection
  12. Cute! I like your pink tote!
  13. Oh gosh! I love the pink and white minisignature. It's my favorite color of the minisignature line to-date! Also love the quilted signature wristlet. So cute!
  14. Great Coach collection yo have gathered.
  15. Fab collection! Thanks for sharing!:love:

    I would have to recommend Mulberry to you.....also Chloe (I so want a Paddy, but they're out of my league price-wise:cry:smile:
    I suppose it depends what end of the market you want to start at for your next collection..?:biggrin: