My First Post (LONG)


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Dec 24, 2009

I've been lurking for awhile and I love what a fabulous group of people you have here. I am an on and off again Coach collector until now. My first Coach bag bought was using my aunt's discount at Filene's in Boston in 1982. I started visited the outlets shortly after I got married in the late '80s. I was vaguely aware the bags were given names but didn't really pay attention. I just liked the style and the smell of the rich leather. LOL. I've gotten PCE's over the years and did not use them until I found this board. Now I couldn't wait for the current one.

This time when I got my PCE I bought a regular quartz Brooke ( yay, I know a bag's name) and a chick fob ( my first fob). The SA took my card and when the extension was given I asked later if I could purchase an additional item at the disct and was told no. (oh well)

So you all got me hooked. I usually only go to the outlets where I vacation, Orlando or Lancaster, etc.

There is an Outlet near me about an hour so DH drove me Pres Day Wkend and I fell on ice right in front of Coach. Hurt my back banged up my knee and spent 3 hours in the ER. I was bedridden until last weekend. I felt up to trying the outlet again with a percoset in hand. If I fell again, I knew it was never meant to be. I walked the perimeter and then spied a blue leather bag on the clearance table. I made a beeline reaching over a few women looking at other items. It had the wrong tag as a siggie but it was a leather bag. A SA told me it was a Kristin and I said WOW. She said it was probably a return. I had the 30% off coupon plus the 30% off clearance. So I get home- Nope, NOT a Kristin But Drum Roll.....

A Blue Peyton!!!! for $175 plus tax

Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!:yahoo::yahoo:

Sorry so Long but I had to share.

Won't be long winded next time I promise.

Now I will have to look at all my Coaches in my small collection and figure out who is who. :smile:

You all have me salivating over the new bags coming out.

Thanks for all your info.

Now I know what MFF, JAX, FP means--but what is RAOK???


Jun 23, 2009
OMG that was quite the hurting you took for Coach and right outside the store!! You should have gotten a free purse. :P JK.


Congrats on your Peyton, that is a great price!! Pics would be oh so nice!!!


My Fave Play Ever
Dec 24, 2009
Thank you Crissy11.

You are right! This forum is all about reveals and I love everyone's pics. I will see if I can post a one later!
Dec 1, 2008
Congrats on the Peyton-- for that price, it's a steal! I love that bag-- so classic and organized. So useful yet elegant. And you certainly deserve it, considering the peril you're overcome for the sake of Coach. :balloon: Welcome!


J'aime coeurs roses
Dec 28, 2007
:smile: welcome!
and ouch!
and congrats!!
and :useless:
we love to see the pics and to drool.
do you need help in posting pics??


Feb 23, 2009
Welcome! And congrats on both your new bags. I'm completely addicted to that luscious Coach leather smell, too, I discreetly breathe in the scent when I'm carrying my bags or in the store drooling over them. Hope you're feeling better soon.