My First Picture!

  1. Ok, I am new but have a cute picture of my doggie with my Dooney bag :heart:

  2. Okay... well this is my favorite collection hands down. Any dog that will wear a purse that well is a winner in my book! Too cute!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Aww! Your dog and your purse are very cute!
  4. Adorable doggy! He/she(?) wears the bag well!
  5. What is your doggie's name? Either way, he looks like he is thinking: "Oh for God's sake take the damn picture so I can get a treat"!
  6. A Dooney Doggie!! I love it!!:lol:
  7. LOVE THE PIC!!!:tender: Thak you for posting and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  8. so cute..welcome to PF
  9. Cute pic!! Welcome :flowers:
  10. adorableee!
  11. Very cute!

  12. TEEHEE! :roflmfao: Your puppy looks adorable with your purse. Welcome!
  13. lol! She is my baby! Her name is Nala, after the lion king. My hubby always puts my bags on her neck, lol! I'm always running for the camera!
  14. Cute pic! Love it and welcome!:smile:
  15. Your dog looks like a really cool dog :supacool::tender: