My first pair of Pradas! =D

  1. I just got my first pair of Prada shoes (the Prada Python Jute Espadrille)! I saw them on sale on the Neiman Marcus website, and I fell in love with them. Even though it's almost winter here in New York, I still bought them cause I could wait until summer to wear them. Well, they finally arrived today and they are so pretty! The only bad thing is that Neiman Marcus sent me their own shoe box/gift box instead of the regular Prada shoe box. I know it's just a shoe box, but I feel kind of upset that I didn't get the Prada shoe box to go with my shoes (maybe it's just me) :push:

    I know I've been having a lot of "first pair" of shoes recently, but that's because my shoe obsession just started this year. I was obsessed with handbags for three years, until I got my first pair of designer shoes, and that changed everything :lol:
    04.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 01.jpg
  2. looks delish.....fab on you-- enjoy em!!
  3. Those are really cute. And I like the dress you are wearing in the modeling pic. Where did you get the dress?
  4. I love them, they look fabulous... Congrats!
  5. Very nice -- I love prada shoes! I'd be bummed about the box as well!
  6. They look great on you! Congrats!
  7. Congrats on the shoes. I know exactly what you mean about the box too.
  8. Love your dress!!!! :yes:
  9. those are soo cute on you!! congrats
  10. Thanks guys!

    Zophie, I got the dress from the Neiman Marcus website. It's by Joie =]
  11. I LOVE them!
    I have a pair of Prada wedges will get a lot of use out of them in the summer. They are very comfy!
    and about the box...I would feel the same way. Maybe you can call & complain?