My first monogram

  1. We went to the mall because we promised my kids a trip to Build-A-Bear but rather than going directly, hubby turned into the LV boutique. He had an SA get several bags ready for me to try and she had us sit at a table while she brought them out for me. She really pushed for the mono riveting but it just wasn't my style. She also had out the bv, bh, luco, and some vernis. My husband looked them over and nodded to the bh and said that one was nice. I tried them on and we all agreed the bh was best suited for my needs with a newborn.

    I wasn't quite sure if hubby was buying or just getting an idea of what I liked so I nodded and said that I liked the bh too. :yes: He looked at me and said as long as I used it and didn't leave it on a shelf that he'd get it for me. So I said it would be my everyday bag and I'd use it all the time and so he bought it for me. :yahoo: I wanted to use it right out of the store already but the SA put it in the dustbag, box, and bag so no luck. But at least I got to walk out of there with my brown bag.

    Afterwards the kids got their Build-a-bears, we ate at Jackie Chans, and then had ice cream for dessert. It was definitely the start of a happy Chinese New Years.
    box.jpg bh.jpg
  2. Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. aw congrats! sounds like you had a great day!
  4. Congrats, that is so sweet of your dh!!!!!
  5. wooohoooo congrats!
  6. Congrats on your new bag!
  7. Thank you. This is my 3rd LV and my first monogram so I am soooo happy! Hehe, I finally have a collection.
  8. How Exciting!! sounds like the best day ever!!:nuts:
  9. Congrats, that bag is gorgeous:love: I'm actually drooling over one myself:drool:
  10. Woot, Congrat's on the new bag :smile:
  11. Which other ones do you have? Congrats you will love the BH
  12. Sounded like an awesome day! :smile:

    You so lucky to have a hubby like that!

    Very Nice Choice .. love the style of the bh ... can't go wrong!

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  13. congrats! BH is such a great tote!
  14. congrats! I love your story!!!
  15. wow:nuts: thats so sweet of your DH, mine would never think of doing that for me!!!

    can you have your DH call my DH???