My First Miu Miu

  1. it s argilla I say!
  2. congrats, it's a lovely bag 8)
  3. i checked it out its argilla :smile:
  4. thanks :biggrin:
  5. Nice bag!!Congrats!!
  6. thanks :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. thanks :biggrin:
  10. love it :smile:
  11. ohh thank you :smile:
  12. Beautiful bag! I love Miu Miu as well :smile:
  13. thanks :smile:.. it a brand to watch every season :biggrin:
  14. Nice bag, congrats! ;) could you please Tell me how you shorten the strap?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  15. well you take one of the iron hooks and open it.. then you pass the leather straap to the other end after you pass it put back the iro hook.. you'll understand more if you see..i'll try to take pics ad post as soon as i can