1. ahh, so exciting.
    But alas, i finally got it. :yahoo::yahoo::nuts:
    my Mini Lin Speedy 30!

    sorry for the poor image quality, i`m @ work, and i was using my camera phone.
  2. congrats I love the mini lin is it IRL???
  3. Nice choice! Congrats on your new bag.:yahoo: Unfortunately one LV is seldom enough.;)
  4. congrats :yahoo:
  5. thanks!, and it's great!..
    it seems like a purse that can edure some wear ;), plus the color can go with alot of things.. and did i mention it's very roomy?!
  6. Congrat!
    Very nice and welcome to the dark side.:graucho:
  7. thank you so much!
    haha, i've noticed. i already want more!!
  8. Congrats!!! I love (and want) the mini lin speedy! Beautiful bag.
  9. congrats! very pretty!
  10. ohh it's so beautiful! i'd definitely want that in the future...
  11. congrats! it's absolutely adorable!
  12. niceee! thanx for sharing :tender:
  13. Congrats a friend of mine just bought one and it's beautiful IRL.
  14. Congrats! I like the color
  15. Yeah!! Congrats! It's soo cute!