My first LV

  1. Hi everyone!!!

    I am new to this forum and I just got my first LV mono speedy 30 a few weeks ago.:yahoo: I looove the bag but i have a question....:confused1:

    I used my bag a couple of times already and I've noticed that the handles have become slightly darker...Just a few (very) small blak spots.:wtf: Can I use the magic eraser on "virgin" vachetta? Is it necessary for me to use a leather conditioner afterwards? And how come when I close the lock, the bottom part (of the lock) sort of "hits" a part of the leaf? If i keep it there, will it damage the vachetta? :confused1:

    Sorry for the long post but I am looking forward to your replies!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

    (pics to follow):yes:
  2. *gasp* i'm finding it hard to upload pics :sad:
  3. I would say... use the eraser at your own risk! It will get rid of the black spots, but it won't make the patina go away. This happens with all natural vanchetta!
  4. Thanks Danielle!:p

    But what about the lock? Is it ok if i keep it there? How come when I see "older" speedies, the lock seems to be hanging "lossely":sad:

    EDIT: "How come when i see "older" speedies, the lock seems to be hanging "loosely"
  5. I think the lock hangs loosely on older ones because it has weighted down the leather.
  6. Yes, the leather has loosened up on older ones. I use the magic eraser for all kind of marks on my vachetta. It works great! You can find threads on here about how to use it correctly.
  7. first of all congrats on getting your first LV!!!~
    The magic eraser i wouldn't recommend on using virgin vachetta it might make it too dry.
    Also my lock does leave a mark in the vachetta leaf over time.
  8. Congrats on the speedy! Yeah, the lock does leave a mark on the vachetta, but I think it's so cute on the bag. As for the black marks, you may want to pop into lv whenever you can and get their advice. As your vachetta darkens, small imperfections will blend away.
  9. congrats on your new speedy
  10. congrats!! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats!! Speedy's rule :p
  12. Congrats on your's a great bag!
  13. congrats and enjoy your Speedy!!
  14. Congrats on getting your first LV!! I love the speedy!
  15. Congrats and welcome to tPF! The handles are supposed to turn darker. It will look beautiful!