My First LV Wallet ***I'm So Happy***

  1. My new Louis Vuitton Wallet :tender:

    I just got this today. I was so excited when I got home from work to open my Fedex parcel from Louis Vuitton. :yes:

    It took me awhile to decide on a wallet. I attached a pic of my new Wallet with my lovely Speedy 25 (I got the Speedy back in October 06). :rolleyes: I love my wallet. :love:

    I got to use my wallet tonight, it was so exciting for me lol. :lol: I'm happy with my wallet. :yahoo: I'm sorry I forgot to ask John or Karman to watermark the inside of the wallet. :shame:

    (Thanks John 5 for watermarking my pics - very nice ;) )
    pochette_wallet_tags_box_dustbag.jpg pochette_wallet_front_2.jpg pochette_wallet_front.jpg pochette_wallet_with_speedy.jpg pochette_wallet_pearl.jpg
  2. Congratulations! It looks so beautiful and functional!
  3. Yay~~congrats!!Excellent choice!!!!
  4. Ok since I forgot to show the inside, I quickly did a poor watermark on the pics below lol. But you will be able to see the inside. I love my wallet with my Speedy. :love:

    I added the other watermarked pic by John 5 also. You will know which one was done by John :yes:
    Jan 10 - inside speedy.JPG Jan 10 - inside.JPG pochette_wallet_pearl_2.jpg
  5. It looks great, Pearl!!! :nuts:

    ...and you're welcome on the watermarking!!! It gave me something to do. :p
  6. lol look at my bad job! You did a great job watermarking the pics. :yes:
  7. Congratulations! I need a wallet too, just can´t figure out which one.
  8. Looks good, congrats! : )
  9. Thank You Nola, it took me a long time to figure out which wallet I wanted also. And I'm so happy with my wallet. I know it's so pretty, and it was really a hard decision to pick a wallet. But I had seen this wallet before IRL, and I liked, and now I love this wallet, because its mine. :yahoo:
  10. Thank you, I didn't want to buy a Vernis wallet until I seen it IRL. And I'm happy I picked this wallet. :yes: I like how I will enjoy using it on it's own. It will serve as more than one purpose, when I don't want to bring a purse. :love:
  11. Congrats!! But what really floated my boat is the leopard purseket!!! Every time I try to order one it's sold out! I'm so jealous....
  12. Awwww - have you tried getting it from eBay? Thats where I got mine from. I asked the seller when she would be getting more of this print. She told me, and just like the seller said, I did the "buy it now" price, and I love the inside of my Speedy more with it also. And I sometimes keep my MC Cles inside my Speedy, thats always fun to see in there also. :yes:
  13. Beautiful Pearl...congrats & enjoy! :smile:
  14. congrats... nice wallet
  15. thats nice congratzzzzzz