My first L.A.M.B!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm relatively new to the purse forum, and new to L.A.M.B

    At the Nordstrom sale, I got the berry and mocha music wallets. and then a friend gifted me with the mocha offbeat hobo. It arrived today and is soooo nice. I love it!

    I also was on on Monday and the peacock music wallet was available, so that is on its way too.

    In the past, I think I didn't like that L.A.M.B was made in China yet charging so much for the bags. But I really love the quality of the offbeat, so I'm thinking I'm a new L.A.M.B convert.

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

  2. Pics please!!!

    I'm happy to hear that you love your Offbeat! The leather is really gorgeous. You picked up a lot of LAMB pieces in such a short time! Welcome to the LAMB obsession club!:wlae:
  3. Hi Allison,

    Glad that you are happy w/ your l.a.m.b. goodies. Welcome to lambie land =)
  4. thanks so much! i looooove the leather on these lamb goods.

    i'll take pics as soon as my peacock wallet gets here. then i just need to figure out how to post them. haha
  5. Congratulations and welcome!! Be sure to post pics of all your new goodies when you can!!
  6. Welcome to the crazy LAMB obsession land!! Congrats on all your new bags!! One as a gift, too............. sweeeeeetttttttt!! I haven't gotten any of the new '08 bags yet, but in time I will get the 2 I want I hope.
  7. welcome to the lamb land.. and please do post pictures of your haul.. :yes:
  8. yay! my peacock wallet arrived today. i will photo my goodies tonight (after my husband goes to sleep) haha

    i am getting so into LAMB now. i see so many more i want.

    thanks for the nice welcome!

  9. Awesome score! Those are beautiful colors. :drool:
  10. [​IMG] Hi Alliemia!! Welcome to the LAMB madness - you've scored some great first bags...and to get one gifted is really special!!

    Surely there'll be more soon! Post pics soon!
  11. Welcome alliemia! You got quite a wallet trifecta there! Isn't L.A.M.B. wonderful?
  12. Hello and welcome to this forum!
  13. Ohh pics please!
  14. ^-- Yeah, it'd be great if you could post pictures so we could see too!

    I'm jumping on the LAMB bandwagon.. soon.. *kicks UPS* :'D
  15. yes, they are gorgeous lamb wallets! i love the leather.

    husband is working late, so photo shoot tonight. can't wait to break my babies out of the closet.

    how do i actually post the pics on here?