My first juicy velour pants, will they fit?

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  1. Hi girls

    I ordered a pair (the regular velour ones) online this morning in size medium, I wear size 28 jeans, do you think these will fit?

    I usually wear small/med on top, but my bust is 36 so I got a hoodie in large, what do you think?

    thanks for any info, they won't be here for almost two weeks so I'd love your input ;)
  2. I think they'll fit you. We're about the same size, and the medium fit me, although the large sized hoodie was waaayyyy too small for me, and my bust is 35 inches.
  3. We are the same size and I wear M in Juicy sweats. I think you're fine with the L jacket, will fit you better. The M fits snug and not long enough for me too.
  4. Oh good! I tossed in a x-large hoodie also, since it was free shipping anyway.....guess I may need to return the size large. Thanks rousell and cutiepie.
  5. Im a 28 or 29 on bottom and have a 36d bust. Im an XL on top, M on bottom. So im your size.
  6. I think they should fit.
  7. I'm a 28 and medium's will definitely fit you.
  8. That seems right. I never understood why they have seperate tracksuit/swim suit sizes and how they divided it up. I allways thought it was for them to make more money, until like a year ago. Then I realized its just the sizing, lol.