My first Gucci but...

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  1. I bought a silver tote from DSW's website and it arrived today. I love the look of it and I think it's a great size for putting papers, folders, and books inside.

    My problem with it is how short the straps are. In the pictures I saw it of it online, the straps look long but in person I can't comfortably carry it on my shoulder. It's more of a hand carry/lower arm kind of bag. I honestly prefer bags that have the option of being carried on my shoulder so that my hands are free of things.

    I'm just not sure if I want to keep it or return it. I got it at such a great price. Anyone have any advice?

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  2. I say return it if you can't wear it comfortably, then you probably won't end up using it at all and any money you think you saved on this bag is in vain. Get another one that you are happier with, don't settle.
  3. yikes, i agree with u. it doesnt look very practical to me as an everyday bag. more appropriate for a beach bag.
  4. It looks more like an overnight bag. If you have lots of stuff to hold, it looks like it would hold all your stuff. Let us know if you choose to return it.
  5. That looks like a hand held bag to me. I don't mind hand held but if you bought it as a shoulder bag and feel uncomfortable with hand held only then send it back
  6. If I was in your situation I would return it, because it's not my "type" of my bag since u prefer shoulder bags and also, I'm not sure if it applies to this bag, but from experience, gucci's silver leather like the one of yor bag seems to peel off after a handful of uses
  7. ^If the leather peels off, will Gucci repair it?
  8. Return it. A great price does not matter if you are not going to wear it because it is not what you wanted..
  9. I agree to return it....I don't like bags you can't wear on your shoulder and if this is a priority for you too......