My First Gucci and first post on this board >> Cathrine!

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  1. hello gucci board, I walked into the store today and instantly fell in love with this bag! I normally would go with something more flasshy or logo, but this was just gorgeous and wanted to share! anyone have this bag?
    thoughts? do you love it?

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  2. Wow it is tdf! I love it! Carry it in good health angeldoll!
  3. Gorgeous bag, congratulations!!!!
  4. Beautiful timeless bag! The leather looks TDF!
  5. thanks! its a really cool vintage type of leather, looks sort of worn in if you know what I mean :smile:
  6. :yahoo:

    Great bag and looks great on you, congratulations
  7. What a beautiful bag....congrats enjoy your new bag...
  8. thank you everyone!:ty:
  9. beautiful.... what is it called?
  10. Wow that bag looks great on you! I've never seen it before. Congrats!
  11. That bag is just beautiful!!!!!!!
  12. I LOVE it! Looks great on you- I love Guccissima in the brown hues... I am now going to be obsessing about this bag! Congrats!!
  13. That bag is gorgeous :drool:
  14. Congrats on your first gucci! The bag is a beautiful choice. I haven't see it in person, only online- so it's great to see modeling pics. The guccissima leather and gold hardware do give it a little flash but it still looks really classy and structured! It looks like the perfect size too and is nice it has the short handles and detachable shoulder strap.