My first Goyard!

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  1. Congraaaaats!! :heart:
  2. My first Goyard St. Louis GM arrived today from London!
    I wasn't expecting it for another couple weeks!
    True Love.....

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  3. Nice bag, do you mind if I ask how much it cost? TIA
  4. May I ask what color is your GM? It's navy or black, can't really tell...thanks! :smile:
  5. Nice!
  6. Wow! Love the colors! :smile:
  7. Thanks! All together with the dollar conversion it came just over 1500 CAN!
  8. Hi! It's black on black!
  9. Thank you for the reply :smile:
  10. Thanks! Congrats on your new bag, she's beautiful! :smile:
  11. Congrats...I like your color combo on the stripes!
  12. Very nice !!
  13. Very nice. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new bag!
  14. Very nice! Love your selection of colors for the customization.

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  15. Looks great!!! Love the pink color :biggrin: