my first ever MONO bag!


Which Mono bag?

  1. Mizi

  2. Tivoli PM

  3. Manhattan PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've decided to get my first ever Monogram bag with the money I have left over...thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier post about that! I've narrowed it down to 3 bags, I think. Here are the contestants:

    -Mizi (used, of course)
    -Tivoli PM (have to wait until Nov)
    -Manhattan PM

    I've recently fallen in love with all of them...and I think they're all just about the same size...what do ya'll think?????:cursing::shrugs:
  2. Post pics.. Which is the Mizi and Tivoli? Manhattan im not feeling it..
  3. I like the Mizi but I like the Tivoli more. It feels a tad bit younger. :biggrin:
  4. I would go with the Tivoli! Looks awesome! :yes:
  5. tivoli
  6. Tivoli!
  7. I don't really like manhattan pm, would get one of the other two.
  8. I'd go for the Tivoli! I owned the Manhattan PM and sold it. I just fell out of love with it's shape really fast. I like the Tivoli better than the Mizi as well.
  9. I would get the new style --- the Tivoli!
  10. Probably the Tivoli, as it is the most like the Trevi, which I recommended in your other poll!
  11. I'd get the Mizi... it's discontinued plus it's a gorgeous bag!

    The Manhattan and Tivoli are permanent and you can purchase them later on down the road.
  12. thanks guys! if you haven't noticed, i have SOOOO much trouble making up my mind! hehe
  13. The Mizi.

    Discontinued, so beautiful.

    I hardly see it around when I go out!
  14. I voted for the Mizi! :yes:
  15. Mizi is so unique.