My first Dior is on it's way

  1. But first I have to wait until it comes through customs... so frustrating to know that it's already in my country, but still have to wait for it .. boohoo.. so until then you guys are more then welcome to wait along with me in this thread :p
  2. i'm here,dear :hugs:

    by the way,my dior is also on her way,although it's not my 1st dior. Lol~
  3. It's worse in Canada. Canadapost blames Customs Canada for delays, although I contacted Customs and they said that CanadaPost has been given the "power" to process the customs clearance of their packages themselves. So it is CanadaPost that is slow, not Customs Canada.

    So when CanadaPost customer service claims that "there is nothing they can do about the time it takes in customs", they are essentially telling a lie.

    I hope that you receive your bag soon.
  4. i am still in the process of making a decision on my first lady dior...
  5. Yikes, that is bad indeed. Well my father has a company in importing/exporting aircraft, so they can take over the package from FedEx and do invoice themselves. hopefully I can get it sooner then, woohoo
  6. Waiting along with you :smile: congrats on your first Dior !
  7. congrats on your first Dior !
  8. me too... hard to decide the color, patent/lambskin...:p
  9. At least, you know it's there and on the way. I, a couple times, lost my shipment through custom. :sad: Very messy stuff.

    Don't forget to show us your bag! ;)
  10. Can't wait to see your first Dior and Kelly's new Sammy!
  11. We have the same issue here in the UK and most parcels come from ParcelForce, a parcel delivery company operated by the post office (Royal Mail) for larger sized parcels. For standard mail and packages, the post office will send you through a card to inform you of customs fees, but generally it's ParcelForce that incurs the charges. Once I was waiting on a delivery and they held my parcel for over 3 weeks with no updates, saying it was at the Customs Office of ParcelForce, but no matter how many times I tried contacting them, they never bothered to reply :tdown:
  12. i've decided mine at the very beginning... lambskin! :cool: no offense to anyone.. my rationale is i thought patent leather will make my LD look like a plastic box
  13. She's here, she's here!!!!!! :yahoo:

  14. Oh, my :heart:33333
  15. Yay! She is so pretty! Definitely worth the wait! Congrats.