My first designer reveal (Not happy!)

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  1. So I ordered my first designer bag the other day. A black Mini Mac. I got it in the mail and I was so excited. But then I noticed a big scratch underneath the front clip. Greeeeeat.[​IMG]
  2. Can you exchange it?
  3. Try just wiping a damp cloth over it to buff it out. If its under the clip i wouldnt worry. Enjoy your new bag!
  4. How disappointing, I wouldn't keep it, I would always know the scratch was there.
  5. Yeah I sent it back, and my replacement is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I hope it's in good condition!
  6. I got my replacement and it has scratches also. But thanks to gabz, I tried the damp cloth trick. IT WORKED! They're maybe only 5% visible and that's when you're looking at it in the right lighting. So thank you!
  7. I suggest getting a leather conditioner like Apple Garde (or however you spell it). I buy the TLC stuff from Wilson's leather. That minimizes the looks of scratches and scuffs, esp. on black bags. They're pretty much inevitable.