my first collection bag!! black quilted cammie!

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  1. I got this gorgeous bag in the mail today:nuts:! I've wanted it for about 2 years but don't pay retail for anything so I patiently wait for them on eBay (very few show up) and finally managed to snag one (for a great deal too!). it's absolutely stunning:love:!!
    m1.JPG P1196951.JPG

    my collection (sort of.. not really a collection)
  2. It's beautiful! I love the Cammie.
  3. That is a really cute bag. Congrats on your find. Patience is definitely a virtue and it really pays off if you can hold off of purchasing something right away. Enjoy!
  4. Very pretty! It looks great on you. :tup: Congrats!!
  5. I love it!
  6. Cute bag and looks good on you!
  7. It's gorgeous!!! :smile: Congrats!!!
  8. Ahhhh! I've ALWAYS loved this bag!!!!! A great choice to add to your can dress this one up or down.....LOVE IT!!!!! Congrats!!
  9. It's gorgeous!! It looks great on you too! Congrats!!

    BTW, is that icy leather?
  10. that's what i was told when it was authenticated.
  11. love your bag! that is on my holy grail list...noticed you are still waiting for the petrol quilted cammie? we'll keep a look out.
  12. Congrats! Totally cute!
  13. Your bag is GREAT! Is that the icy black?
  14. Congratulations!!!! :woohoo: I love the Icy Leather, I have the Quilted MP in the Icy and I LOVE it!!:heart: BTW it looks great on you! Congrats again!:flowers:
  15. I admire your patience. Great bag.