My first's time to Parrrrrrrraty!

  1. Hi gals! I saw the new color for the paraty and really want your opinions. Which would you prefer, the Lychee or the Licorice paraty? Anyone have a comparison in pictures???
  2. Im usually a pink (& not a brown!) bag kinda girl but I choose licorice over lychee this time! The brown is really pretty :smile:

    The display piece of lychee in my local boutique had the hardware marks on the triangle frame of the bag and that bothered me quite abit. Apparently it's quite common and visible on lighter coloured bags so I stayed away from lychee.

    That aside, both are gorgeous colours and I'm sure you'll love either!
  3. Where are you guys seeing the licorice color? I bought my black paraty last september...spent a year in balenciaga and then alexander wang but now I'm back on paraty obsession...nothing compares ;o) Looking for a tanish brown now for my 2nd (or maybe a burgundy)...saving up!
  4. Hi PLSF.. Been using mine day in and day out and she's held up so nicely. I dont need to baby her at all. When I was using my Bal MT, I was definitely concerned about where I was setting her and whether or not she was getting color transfer and etc. I usually carry LVs until my newest additions this year (Bal and Chloe Paratys), and my Paraty is a def workhorse just like my LVs.

    HTH :smile:. Hopefully your Elsie gets a sister Paraty. I love them. I want a 3rd, but I think if I did it, I'd be crazy because it would be 3 in the last 5 months or so... Eeeeeekkksss!!! ;). Plus I havent even taken my Eggplant Paraty out much bc I don't want DH to notice ANOTHER bag!! Lol!
  5. Thank you SO much, jp! Yes, that is very helpful! The leather sounds scrumptious and just what I need. I just know I'm going to love her once I get one in my greedy little hands! :biggrin:

    I've been rotating Elsie with my Bal City, and my collection so needs a workhorse of a bag! I think a Paraty is in the stars!

    Ooh, you have Eggplant too?? I die! These Chloes are like crack, I tell ya. :lol: Even as I'm obsessing over Paraty, in the back of my head, I'm like, "Okay... now what color Marcie to complete the trifecta..." Haha! Yes, my DBF is gonna think I'm crazy!
  6. Hahahaha... I know what you mean-serious crack... Luckily I haven't even begun to consider Marcies. I'm still stuck on deciding what color to get in a bal city... And then I just keep thinking I love the maxi twiggy.. Lol!! Purse dilemmas ;)
  7. Congrats! It's not really meant to be a Crossbody bag! We are cousins, I have the rock Python, it's even more Gorgeous!! Enjoy:smile:
  8. I'm so late to this reveal it's unreal, but wow - what a gorgeous colour Paraty - love it!!
  9. Lol! I have the same dilemma, but I'm obsessing over Marcies but after the recent string of Paraty reveals here, I'm starting to think about which Paraty I will get after Marcie! :giggles:
  10. Hehehe I know, right? I'm just dying at everyone's reveals! I think we HAVE to have one of each, cupcake... we can't fight the inevitable!! I've been naughty and have one on the way... the other will have to wait till 2013! :lol: