my first Chloe bag...

  1. I lover her!! Chloe small black Ascot Tote.
    Chloe water.jpg Chloe water 1.jpg Chloe water 2.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous - well done - enjoy that baby!
  3. How cute!! Great first Chloe purchase, congrats to you!
  4. I *love* that bag. I saw it in black and also in tan at Fred Segal in early March. It was hard to resist - but I had to :smile:
  5. Such a cute bag.
    I bet this is going to be the start of your new Chloe addiction ;)

    Congrats. You chose really well with this one, it will go with anything and take you anywhere :smile:
  6. I just received it and as im at work i got my mum to open it for me. It was sent from the london boutique via fedex. My mum said that it didnt come with any tags and as I said it was for a gift (for myself) i thought they would have left the tags on and put it in a chloe box. Did your chloe come with tags Chloe-babe?
  7. Hey - one question on this Ascot bag - do you have serial number on your inside pocket? I don't think the Ascot totes do (mine doesn't - purchased from NAP), but wanted to ask you since you just received yours. Thanks!!
  8. Mine does NOT have a serial number either.
  9. Neither doesn't either.... Is there any Chloe experts out there that confirm that this is ok? I bought mines from NAP as well so not really doubting authenticity but it would be good to hear an expert opinion.
  10. its beautiful i got the same one at Bergdorfs yesterday its in a whiskey colour though..
  11. congrats!!!
  12. I like it! Very edgy! Congrats:smile:
  13. Beautiful!!!!!
  14. Cool, congratulations!!
  15. very nice!!!
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