My first chanel purchase was made today!!!

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  1. Hey everyone, I am new to posting here as I see many of you are familiar with one another..however we have something in common!! Love for Chanel. Anyway while my dream bag is the GST, at 31 and a stay at home mom it's just out of my price range.. and I know the price will only increase but for now with 2 small boys I want a bag I can use everyday. I got the Chanel quilted coated canvas bolwer from the PB line. It seems like something durable and it will quench my thirst for chanel for the moment...any thoughts? It can be returned..this was my first chanel handbag purchase..I have a small collection of fashion earrings I love.
  2. I like the Paris Bairritz ligne. I think you did good for a first bag.
  3. I have been so personal income is limited and i sold my louis manhattan pm on ebay and have been looking to replace it. i purchased a versace pleated hobo at Nordstrom but it was too sopranos for me and for my age. II also need to face reality and realize what i do everday...sometimes I get confused..i mistake myself for someone on park avenue..ha!!
  4. Try not to see your life as someone else's. Unfortunately I think we have seen proofs that too much luxury can really push someone over the edge & that it happens even to the best of us.

    Get something that really suits your personality & lifestyle, there's no point on getting a $3k bag if you only end up admiring it at home no?
  5. just get what you can aford,be it chanel or a beach bag,as long as you like it,there are plenty of nice bags,that dont cost the earth and are smart,first start with what you can aford,and make a list of bags in that price range,also what will suit what you need it for,handbags are to be enjoyed,
  6. Congratulations on your first Chanel. Great choice, very durable, practical -- and somehow I get the feeling this isn't going to be your last. Welcome to the "club."
  7. congrats on your bag. My income is nil as a SAHM, but I always save up for the bag I truly want. Even if it takes me 2 years I do that because in the end I truly love my bag. I actually like the PB line, and it's very practical. I say keep the bags if you truly love it, but if GST is still in your head maybe save up for longer if u can.
  8. Congrats on you first chanel. post modelling pic when you have a chance.