My FIRST Chanel - gently used and BEAUTIFUL

  1. Hi!
    I just bought my first Chanel - medium classic in lambskin. It's about 15 years old - gently used - and was gathering dust in the seller's closet. It is beautiful and I am in LOVE!! Initially, the seller's husband didn't accept my offer and I said I had to think it over since I had reached my daily withdrawal limit. We parted and I was debating if I should call a friend and borrow the rest of the money or just let it go. I rationalized the lower offer price because it doesn't come with authenticity card, dustbag or anything.

    5 min later, the seller called me and accepted my offer. I almost burst into tears!! The seller said it's only gathering dust in her closet, she can use the money and she thought I'd give it a good home.

    As I was driving home, I thought of the other purses I now want ....I think I've been bitten by the Chanel bug and will need a second job!
  2. Good for was meant to be!!!!!

    Please post pix when you get it, I'm sure we'd all love to se it!!!.....what color is it??
  3. Congrats on being bitten and your new bag! Chanel is by far my favorite brand and I'm only 22. It's no longer limited to mature women or "grandmas". Enjoy your new baby.
  4. sorry, double post
  5. I'm 23 and just started loving Chanel a few years ago.......I think the newer looks are playful and fun....not to mention stylish!!!!
  6. Congrats~ ur bag is TDF^^ I just got bitten by the Chanel bug few months ago, and i am 23 too! lol
  7. Ooh me wanna see!
  8. I'm so happy for you!!
  9. Congrats!!!

    I'm so happy for you.
  10. congrats!! can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats, Regina!!!
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  13. post pics!
  14. Regina, congratulations! You are agoing to love carry your Chanel bag. There is something about it that just makes me happy, more so than any of the other designer bags I have. Now like you said the only problem is that you will want more and more and MORE!:yes:
  15. Congrats Regina!!! I honestly feel the excitement at you getting your new bag =) Post pics when you can, and i'm pretty sure this won't be your last chanel purchase hehh!