my first chanel! =D


Sep 13, 2005
i decided to be bratty and start a new thread rather than continue on my old one. :nuts:

so i went into chanel this morning, intending to buy the cambon pochette. but, they just got new bags in this morning, and it was so beautiful i just bought it without giving a second thought. plus, they said they only got five in that morning so i was afraid it would be gone if i left it alone. now i'm sort of having buyer's remorse, help me assure myself it was a good purchase and it's something i can use forever. and i wasn't supposed to buy it until april, for my birthday. anyway, enough verbage. on to the pics!


i love the chain detailing on the strap.


the back of the purse


i'm so scared to scratch this thing with my nails, must cut them now.

& thanks in advance for listening to all my incessant whining. i should just enjoy the bag right? hehe.
is that lambskin or calfskin ? look lambskin to me...
are you planning to used this pochette as everyday bag ? if this is a lambskin pochette then i suggest better not......:unsure:
by the way beautiful pochette :smile:
That is very nice and classic, you can wear it forever. I feel the same way about scratching my new bag, but I thought well it is kind of ridiculous to spend money on something and then not use it.
Some places will clean and polish your bag, check with you boutique.