my first chanel bag


Jul 29, 2009
hello bagaholics!

i am a current vuitton addict and i am considering my first chanel bag :yahoo: i have some chanel pieces (sunglasses, jewelry, etc) and i am considering the chanel jumbo classic flap in black cavier with gold hardware as my first bag.
i have been eyeing this bag for years - my 25th bday is right around the corner, and i thought this would be a great gift for myself :winkiss:

is this a classic style and a good choice for a first chanel?
Me <--- Jumbo fan.

There is another thread floating around discussing Jumbos - and I think a number of people see the jumbo as a great, classic bag. Of course, the original classic is technically the m/l bag - but the jumbo holds it's own place in Chanel history. ;)
I think it would be a great idea to try the bags on if possible to see which one (m/l or jumbo) fits you better. My choice is the jumbo over the m/l, but both are great bags. I think it depends on what you will use the bag for and perhaps also your height/build. I would search some of the threads on these topics, maybe look at pictures and try them on if possible. In my opinion though,the black caviar jumbo with GHW is an excellent choice for a first Chanel. Good luck and have fun deciding!!!
you all have been so helpful !! :kiss:

i am definitely going to the boutique this week to try on some bags - im about 5'6 and 125 lbs, so i could pull of the smaller one, but i loooove big bags!! :love:

ahh so excited :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: