My First Chanel! Baby animal pochette flap

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  1. Hi everyone! this is my first post in tpf..;) im just so excited i bought my first chanel yesterday.:yahoo: I just need advise if i should keep this or not coz its made of fabric. I really like the bag coz its very cute and young. Im just worried i might ruin the fabric easily. What do you guys think? should i keep this or not?:confused1: Sorr for the crappy crappy pic.. it actually look a lot better irl..
    there's also a better pic in this thread...

    thanks!!! :nuts:
  2. I think it's beautiful. I love this line - definitely keep it. It will be completely sold out before you know it and you will regret it if you take it back. If you are worried about stains on the fabric, use a fabric protector like scotchguarde or shining monkey fabric/leather protector.:yes:
  3. ^thanks for the reply. that's very helpful.. :idea: I really love it and it definitely is not my last chanel.. :smile:
  4. so cute, keep it!!! keep it!! its goin to be sold out before you know it and when u regret, u're goin to have to pay beyond retail.. its super gorgeous and congrats.
  5. ^thanks so much! i was in chanel yesterday for more than 1 hour and i couldn't decide which bag to get. All i know is i want to go home with a chanel bag... and then the very nice SA told me a LE bag just came 1 day ago and it was not even on display yet. and when i saw it, it was love at first sight :heart: :heart: :heart:.
  6. I think it's really cute, as a devout animal lover!
  7. SO JEALOUS!! I have a necklace and a keyring from the animal collection and am dying for the bag, keep it and love it!!
  8. Keep it! :yes:
  9. keep it!! it's too adorable for words!
  10. keep it , it's very cute.
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. keep it. if you're young and feel you're going to get a lot of use out of it. i also think it's very cute!
  13. congrats! it's so cute! def. a keeper!
  14. Keep it! It's so cute! :nuts:
  15. Its a cute bag you should definately keep it
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