My first burberry, your opinion plz

  1. I can't make up my mind, so please purse lovers, help me out, which one should I choose to make my first burberry handbag? Thanks lotssssss =P

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. They are both gorgeous but if I had to choose I would go with the white.

    I love the shape of it and with the black stripes you could wear it year round.
  3. Ohhh I love them both!
    I say for your very first Burberry go with the Classic Burberry colors tho. It is such a recognizable plaid. Get the left one first then the black and white. You need them both! :yahoo: :yes:
  4. I prefer the second- the plaid seems less blatant.
  5. The second one, no doubt
  6. #2 but with black leather - that style of bag is HOT!

    BTW, are these in your possession? Did you already buy both and are planning to return one?
  7. white please!;)
  8. Thanks for all your replies, I really appreciated, yah I bought both of them and planning to return one lol. I just can't make up my mind :confused1:. The first one is more classy, not as easy to get dirty, can lastes as long, and I dun think its gonna go out of style anytime soon. The second one its not black leather, more like canvas (I believe) and easier to get dirty, but I love the look. Dilemma :sweatdrop:
  9. i like the left one better.
  10. I love them both, too. But, IMHO, the first one is just the classic first Burberry bag that everyone should have. (For your 2nd Burberry bag - you can get the white one!) :graucho:
  11. I like the first bag- the one on the left!
  12. the first one is very practical, so if you want something for function that's a great choice....however! im sooo in love with the second one, in every spring color they come in....
  13. hmmm I just looked at the two handbags and they both Made in China :wtf:. I don't know if it worth buying it now. What do you think? :sad:
  14. isn't it true that a LOT of burberry is made in china now, because they shifted production factories there? you should probably look at the quality of each, and if they seem pretty high quality then place of origin shouldn't matter THAT much.....
  15. Is that a concern? I am new to this but some real Coach are also made in China. Can someone explain, pretty plz!!!!