My First Burberry Bag

  1. I just ordered my first burberry hobo online at Neiman Marcus. I saw the picture and just fell in love with it. The only thing is I wanted it in black but the online SA said the black one is all gone and they only have 1 white one left. So ordered the white one and if I don't like it the SA said I can return it. That do you guys think. Should I keep the white one or go to a burberry store and look for the black one and return the white?




    Help please!
  2. i love this hobo also, and it was on sale for a great price at NM. not sure if u can get it at the same price in-store, if you find the black one? for me the black one somehow just looks cuter than the white, and i'd be willing to pay a bit more for the black one.
  3. it's so cute! I love the diagonal check.
  4. The are beautiful Congratulations.
  5. I love them both!

    I see the white one as FAB for summer and the black one as great all-year round. You can't go wrong with either!

  6. I agree completely Addy. This is an awesome first bag!!
  7. I love the white.. I think white is more casual looking than black.. just my opinion^^
  8. congrats!!
  9. Congrats-I like the white one and think you made a great choice
  10. Congrats on your new bag! Personally I'd keep the bag until you find the black, or if you don't find the black just keep it!
  11. Congrats! I really like the white. I think it's great for spring/summer!
  12. Gonrats! I like the white one. But if you don't like it you should return it. Both are beautiful colours!
  13. gorgeous congrats!
  14. They are both gorgeous!! But I think you should go for what you love - don't settle for 2nd best :smile:
  15. :yahoo:my first burberry from a burberry store. no more eBay for me. 1195.00 reduced to 539.00. they won't last long.
    thanks for letting me share. i have other burberry items as well.


    sorry, couldn't copy the pic.

    yeah, my first and it's not from eBay. yeah :wlae::okay::roflmfao: