my first burberry bag!! pics!

  1. Looks great on you!! Definitely a good choice. :tup:
  2. thanks everyone for your nice comments :smile: one of my favorite parts is the chain. it gives it an edge. and the gunmetal hardware of course, silver on this would just be too bright. it is a coated leather so it is kinda...slimy? lol i don't know how to describe it. it's not soft like LV mahina leather but it's kinda shiny so it has that coated feel. it is soft though because it slouches a lot and is pretty mushy. lol.
  3. beautiful bag! I have to admit I've never venturered in the Burberry forum but your title caught my eye. I've seen some of your other bags in the LV must have quite the collection of bags Vuittonamour! Love the burberry bag though, looks great on you too.
  4. it's beautiful. nice color~
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    Very nice! I was looking at that same bag on the Burberry website. I was thinking of the color Trench tho...:biggrin::biggrin:, that more neutral color would suit my needs better.
  6. thanks lorebunde -- i stopped buying for a while. after i got my damier berkley, i didn't get anything new. now i am spending again. haha this was my "side" slouchy bag i wanted, not what i really want to buy myself for my birthday. that will come in late november. i am waiting for epi electric, something else in regular epi, probably a wallet, and some new louboutins. and when the new vernis alma PM comes out next year!! so that's what's in my plans for the next 5 months or so. lol.
  7. check out the color on the Neiman Marcus website (or Saks i can't remember?). it looks totally different than the "trench" on the burberry website but it is the same color. SA in burberry also turned his nose up at it when i inquired, but i didn't see it. it might be just what you need.
  8. Gorgeous! love it :smile:
  9. I'm not a huge Burberry fan at all but I really like this bag. And love your boots. May I ask what they are?
  10. GORGEOUS bag, congrats! I love your whole outfit as well :smile:
  11. the colour..=)
  12. I love the bag! Very nice :woohoo:
  13. Lovely bag... the colour is wonderful.
    Congrats :biggrin:
  14. I keep loving this bag and I have to say, you dress REALLY cute too!

  15. thanks :smile: those are new too. really needed some nice black boots. they are dolce vita "fiona".