my first Burberry bag... but is it REAL?

  1. i just got my first Burberry bag from an outlet burberry store but i'm not sure if it's real.
    i'm guessing it is because i got it from the store, but haven't seen it online or havent seen anyone carry it yet.

    It's a light blue checked barrel bag.
    Has anyone seen one? :confused1:
  2. If you purchased from an actually Burberry store or outlet, it should be real. I doubt they sell fakes.
  3. It sould be fine if you bought it from Burberry. Post pics of it.
  4. Show us the picture???:graucho:
  5. i really really like it and
    i'm guessing its real too, but just wanted to make sure :smile:
    thanks for your replies!
    i would post pictures, but i'm new to the site and am clueless
    right now... haha
    could you guys tell me how to post pictures?
  6. thaks for the info!
    here are some pics.:smile:
    SSL20475.JPG SSL20467.JPG SSL20472.JPG
  7. Is there another tag inside? Also need pic of zipper pull
  8. It looks authentic. I remember seeing it in stores awhile ago.
  9. Cute bag.
  10. I'm sure that it's real. You probably haven't seen any because it's a few years old, but it's still a great bag. Congrats!!!!
  11. thanks for all the feedback!
    oh and btw it says burberry on the zipper and there is another tag inside
    that has some number on it.
    its really funny because when i went to buy it the lady selling me
    the purse was telling me it was currently released or whatever....
    anyways. thanks againg for your help ladies!
  12. The bag looks great to me and it is beautiful! Enjoy it!
  13. Bluee, it doesn't really matter if it's part of the current collection, what matters is wether you love it... and the odds of seeing your purse on someone else are much slimmer. It's a great bag, enjoy it!!!:tup: