My First Blake on eBay~ HELP!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I bought my first Blake on eBay (authenticated here) and I was sooooo excited to get it, and of course....I got it today and I am not so excited anymore. I paid $420 with shipping for a "Like New, excellent condition, only handled a few times" bag, which is NOT the case. There is a broken stitch in one place which has caused some loosening of the stitches on each side of the broken stitch. I just don't want to send another bag off to the MJ repair place and wait 8-12 weeks to get it back (I am STILL waiting for one!!!)! Also, the leather and interior are in very good condition, but both zipper pulls are covered on both sides with little tiny pitting marks (does this happen? It has never happened on my other MJ's) I have contacted the seller twice but have heard nothing back yet. What is up with eBay? I just want to get a great bag as described!?!?!? What happens if the seller doesn't respond?
  2. Oh yeah, and in the listing it says "all sales final". I know that doesn't help my cause, but I feel the item is not at all as described.
    Any advice on a next step would be super!
    .:crybaby:..I am so sad....:crybaby:
  3. Regardless of what the listing says, if the item is "significantly not as described' you can always file a chargeback through your cc company and they will most likely refund your money. I'd give the seller somewhere between 24-48 hours to respond to you and then if no response, I'd take further action. Sorry you're having to go thru this. It totally sucks!!
  4. My Blake I paid 450.00 for last week has a problem with one of the handles. The cording in one does not go all the way down like it should so part of the handle by the ring is kinda empty!! You would have to see it, or actually feel it. I guess nothing is absolutely perfect in a used bag. It disgusts me while no one else would probably notice. Anyway if you are really unhappy do the chargeback and then deal with the person. There is not much they can do after that I don't think!!Sorry :drinks:maybe you could get a cobbler to reinforce the loose stitches, just a thought.
  5. Seller got back to me and says she double-checked the bag before it was sent out and there was nothing wrong with it, inferring that I would damage the bag in order to send it back!!! This is crazy. I explained that she could have easily missed it because the broken stitch is on the part of the front pocket which attaches to the bag, so the top part of the pocket and the flap kindof cover it, so you can't see it from the front. All I want is a nice black Blake! I certainly would never damage a bag in order to send it back!
    I WANT the bag!
    I really hope this does not get ugly...
    I don't do well with that kind of thing....

    She requested pictures, which I promptly sent, so I guess I'll wait to hear what happens next...
  6. what's the seller's user name? I had an incident where I bought a venetia from a seller who claimed the bag was in immaculate and impeccable condition. When it arrived, there were nasty pink stains on it. She claimed that the bag must have gotten damaged during shipping. But upon closer review of the pictures, they were barely noticable, almost photoshopped out. Maybe it's the same seller.
  7. Am I allowed to say?
  8. Oh no Cooper1, I feel horrible for you. I had a similiar eBay situation but I decided to keep the bag as everyone on the forum plus my husband thought it was a good bag/deal. But I'm never buying anything that says "like new", or "used once" it's so subjective. I don't see what's wrong with saying her seller I.D. she's not being very gracious to you why should you be nice to her. Definitely raise a stink over this. And post pics for us too.
  9. From what you described, blake handles are suppose to look like that.. the edges near the handle are usually finished with a plastic glue like substance. Please don't feel disgusted by that. :sad: Used bags are so hard to buy on ebay... as a seller, sometimes it's hard to describe every detail. I try to take millions of pics but sometimes that doesn't work either.
  10. Hopefully as a seller she'll do the right thing and give you some compensation to get the bag repaired. It's good that you took the pics. Worst comes to worst you can send it in to MJ... I thought their turnaround time was quicker than that. Have you tried calling Moda Express(usually where the bags get sent)?

    It's ok to reveal the seller, but I don't think it's really necessary in this case...
  11. Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments.
    I took the bag this AM to a local leather repair shop and was told it would cost $42 to repair the broken stitch and reinforce the loose stitching. He has to undo some of the suede lining of the front zippered pocket to access the stitches. I would like to have this done and just keep the bag, but I do feel like the seller should pay for the repairs. I emailed her this information but I have not received any emails back since the original email she sent where she wanted pictures and basically told me I damaged the bag. She has not yet responded to the pictures or any of my messages.
    I guess I just need to wait some more.

    (I agree with you Thithi; there is no point for me mentioning the seller's name ~ especially if she happens to be a member here and is reading this. I want to keep this as amicable as possible at this point and try to reslove it.)

    Also, regarding the repair of my MP (different bag), I took it to Bloomingdales and they sent it off to MJ reapir center in New Jersey to repair a little piece of the leather near the strap. They gave me a lead time of 8-12 weeks and I am only on week 5 right now!!! We'll see how long it actually takes!
    I would eventually like to actually USE my MJ bags!!!!
  12. It's good that you got a quote on the bag. I hope she gets back to you! I can't believe she thinks that you broke the stitch, as if you could have done that right after received it. Unbelievable.

    I think Moda Express(NJ) is a lot quicker than 8 weeks - I'ver heard 2 weeks from pfers who contacted the MJ website themselves and sent the bag directly to ME. Maybe it takes longer if you go thru a dept store. I think there is contact info somewhere here on the board.
  13. I found the info for anyone who is interested:

    Moda Express
    900 Secaucus Road
    Secaucus NJ 07094

    Diego Artehortua
    201-325-0487 x 3

    I think you have to initiate the repair thru to get the free service/referral thru Moda Express. The only problem I've heard is that MJ doesn't repair bags older than 1 and 1/2 years, but I've also heard that members have gotten older bags like Stellas repaired. They'll also clean the bag prior to sending it back to you.

  14. WOW! Really??? That's a nice service!
    I have YET to hear anything from the seller. I have sent now 5 emails total (4 since she responded initally) and have heard nothing. She is a reputable seller (also selling that yellow Elise we talked about in "authenticate this") and has 570+ 100% positive feedback. I explained I would be willing to keep the bag (I want to keep the bag) if she would refund me the $42 for repairs. Is that an unreasonable request??? I don't think it is based on what I already paid her for it.
  15. I can't figure out how to add the pictures. It keeps saying my pictures exceed the size limit....