My first Birkin!

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  1. I’m so beyond excited! Just got my first Birkin in the mail today! Got it from Fashionphile in excellent condition! Let’s just say I think I unleashed another demon. I thought my LV addiction was bad. This is a whole new level for me! ❤️ Thanks for letting me share!
  2. It’s beautiful!! Enjoy !
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  3. Gorgeous!!
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  4. beautiful!! congratulations :loveeyes::loveeyes: welcome to the orange side :panic::panic:
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  5. Congratulations!!
    If you haven’t already, may I suggest getting it authenticated by Bababebi?

    I have purchased very frequently from Fashionphile, but did once receive a fake, and they also made several other mistakes with my orders. For instance, one of my Kellys was listed as a 32. When I received it, it was actually a 35. When I called them to discuss it, they said it was actually priced as a 35 but listed incorrectly. When I asked for a correct tag, they said I would have to send the bag back in order to prove it was actuallly a 35!

    I hope all is well and you get many years of enjoyment from your beautiful new Birkin!
  6. Beautiful bag OP!!

    gettinpurseonal - Can’t believe you received a fake from fashionphile, that sucks. Hopefully they acknowledged and made it right. Thanks for sharing and the warning!
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  7. It was eventually resolved. They took the bag back immediately with no questions due to their 30 day return policy and sales tags intact. Unfortunately, they tried to resell it online. It took a number of phone calls and emails to get them to remove it. I posted a thread about it here on TPF, along with photos of the fake bag against another authentic one I already owned.

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  8. This is quite gorgeous! What a fun first! I hope you enjoy it for many years in good health. Welcome to the slippery slope....
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  9. Thanks so much everyone!! I’ll have to take some photos and get it authenticated! I’ve never actually seen a real one in person...but judging by the look and feel, this one is the real deal. The quality is unreal!!
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  10. Wow, it is so stunning. I also plan to get a babe from Hermès.
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  11. Congratulations on such a beautiful bag. And yeah, they don’t call it the Orange Slippery Slope for nothing. Enjoy!
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  12. Congratulations!
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  13. That’s a good sign, but we aware... there are super fakes out there! Err in the side of caution.
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  14. Congratulations! It's so exciting to finally have a dream bag in your possession, right? :biggrin: Enjoy your gorgeous bag!!!
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  15. Great choice of size and colour for your 1st B. Careful, H is a slippery slope. Enjoy!
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