My first BE: Love Me Mini in Petrol! *Pics*

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  1. Here it is - my very first BE bag :yahoo:

    So much more beautiful than I ever imagined & thanks to this forum that I found it!!

    The size is just perfect (I was getting really worried it might be too small)... the leather is shiny & glossy and so soft. Its color changes according to the light: from a deep seagreen teal to actual blue in sunlight.

    Hope you like it as much as I do :smile: Modeling pics on the way (ha ha)

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  2. Wow I love the color AND the bag! Enjoy!
  3. Absolutely stunning! So glad the LMM is right for you. I LOVE the style and the color -- if I weren't such an amazon woman, I could wear it!
  4. Beautiful color. Welcome to BE. I bet that won't be your last.;)
  5. It is just beautiful! Congrats, you will love this bag so much. I just adore mine!
  6. WOW!!! This is soooo gorgeous!! Congrats! So glad you love it!
  7. Beautiful color and nice choice of bag! ITA^^it will not be your last BE!! Also, welcome!
  8. It is so gorgeous ~ enjoy it!!!
  9. I love, love, love the petrol color!! Enjoy your new BE, and I'm sure it won't be your last as well.
  10. Congratulations - it's beautiful!
  11. OMG Gorgeous bag!
  12. Congrats! Enjoy your first bag. The color is beautiful!!!!
  13. Congrats... you have now been initiated into the world of BE Echandiaholics. Just don't look at the A/W'08 line until you've had a chance to enjoy this acquisition for a few days, okay?
  14. Congrats! I always loved the petrol!
  15. Congratulations! You will love it and use it -- and become addicted to BE. Enjoy!