my first bbag!

  1. i've been haunting this particular part of the forum for awhile, but only now can i actually feel like i belong: i received my first (and probably not my last) balenciaga today. it's the 06 (i think?) rouille work, and I. LOVE. IT.

    i wish there was a strap, but otherwise, yum-my! it smells awesome, it's smooshy and just... i'm in love.

    and here are pictures now! :yahoo:




    thanks for letting me share!

    now i NEED a day in a pretty color; i'm just not sure where to start!
  2. oh wow congrats on ur new purchase. its so pretty!
  3. Congrats, gen! :yahoo: Your rouille is gorgeous!! :heart:
    As for your next bbag, what about the aquamarine day? :smile:
  4. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!
  6. Veryyyy nice, great first B-bag with many more to come!
  7. beautiful! congrats! Yes, many of us, work lovers also wish there was an optional strap for it....but love the work style regardless!
  8. wow!

    really pretty and the leather deserves a comment- it looks so good, nothing like the typical s/s06 leather!
  9. Congratulations, rouille is such an amazing color! I'm so glad you got so much of it, lol!!!
  10. OMG, that's TDF! And it looks so nicely broken in, with handles also nicely stretched. I have 2 works, one old and one new, and the old one is FAR more charming and comfortable.

    Congrats and welcome to the owneship!
  11. its beautifuL! I love that color! congrats
  12. congrats!!!! pretty colour :yes:, pretty style :yes:, pretty leather :yes:

    you SCORED!!!
  13. WOW that color and leather are gorgeous. :drool: Congratulations on your first. I don't think it will be your last! :smile:
  14. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Beautiful colour and beautiful leather! :smile:
  15. Thats my fave bbag colour - its so pretty!