My first bbag!!

  1. I just received my very first bbag today. It is a 2007 steel city and I absolutely love it. When I found out it had been delivered to my post office early this morning I convinced my husband to go home and wait for the mailman to deliver it so he can sign for it!! A friend recomended that I join this forum because she predicts that I will now become addicted. I am not denying nor admitting this assertion. Just wanted to share with you all a picture of my beautiful bag and say hi to everyone!
  2. Isn't it an amazing feeling receiving your first Balenciaga?!!

  3. Welcome and congratulations on your first bbag! It's beautiful - enjoy!!!
  4. congrats too :happydance:
  5. CONGRATTTTTSSS !! Beautiful bag !! ;)
  6. Resistance is Futile...:borg1: :graucho:

    :welcome:Welcome!!!! Love your first bbag, great choice and such a beautiful, versatile color. Congrats! :heart:
  7. Love that bag!:yahoo: Welcome, you will definitely want another one, and another, and another.......
  8. Your addiction has only just begun :smile:
  9. Congrats CJ!!! It's beautiful!!!
  10. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first bbag. Steel is a color that goes with everything.
  11. it's gorgeous! congrats on your first BBag! :yahoo:
  12. Welcome and congrats!! Plomb is a great color IMO!!!
  13. congrats on your first Bbag!!! let the addiction begin!
  14. Welcome to the forum, and congrats on such a gorgeous bag!
  15. Congrats dear there is always something so special about the "first" even if once you caught the virus a lot will follow.