My FIRST BBag!!! I hope this is not the start of many more to come...

  1. Been absorbing so much here & it was a longggggg process of wanting a city, then twiggy, maybe the first even, sneaking like for the part time, then twiggy again & FINALLY back to a city!!! Then I got distracted by the array of colours. Feasted on soooo many pictures & made so many comparison. Even went to see them IRL @ BalSG & was so distracted by the pretty sky blue & rouge vif. But I knew something PINK was going to be my first bag!!! It was then back to BG, then Pale Magenta, then suddenly everything was pretty & lovely in my eyes. Jo_ee's input about the veiny Magenta(she's soooo good at moisturising though & now she has a gorgeos Magenta city!!!) steered me away & I was back at here she is!!!:love:

    Pssst sorry for rambling. I was just so blown away from the time my staff came to me hours earlier with a large FEDEX box today!!! I had to wait till I finish all my meetings, have dinner & head home to admire & caress this candy-licious baby!!!
    BbagBGcity5.jpg BbagBGcity6.jpg BbagBGcity8.jpg
  2. Gorgeous and yummy looking!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! :smile:
  3. So pretty and loving the delish leather :girlsigh:

    Enjoy her in full health!
  4. i adore this colour :love: ~ hope she's first of many ~ :flowers:
  5. I envy you! I really love to own a pink bal someday!
  6. Oh gawd!! :love:
  7. beautiful! she'll need some sisters soon.
  8. Congrats, I also prefer the BG leather to the Magenta '08 leather!
  9. beautiful!
  10. congrats! i'm sure there'll be many more - who're you trying to kid? :upsidedown:
  11. congrats! looks yummy!
  12. Such a pretty pink BG!!! Congratulations!!
  13. Thank you all!!! I cannot wait to carry her out soon! & yes with all you great enablers, I am sure she would have sisters soon. BUT oh no! My wallet's already getting scared!!! :wtf:
  14. Congrats!
  15. congrats and welcome to a new addiction ;)