My first bbag - help me choose

Feb 5, 2006
I was originally drawn into this forum because I was looking for an emerald colored bag, and someone linked me to a a vert gazon day on ebay and I fell in love. Sadly, I lost that auction, but I'm still drooling over a bbag, and most particular - the Day. I just love the shape.

Reading through the forum, and atelier.naff, and all other pictures I could find, I've been digging on 4 colors in particular (besides the tomato, which I will definitely pick up). I can't decide between white, sandstone, emerald or anthracite. The first three I've been able to locate, but I haven't found an anthracite day. Do they even exist? Has anyone seen one recently?

Also, which of those 4 colors would you consider most versatile? I wear a lot of colors on top and tend to wear black or charcoal gray trousers or skirts for work. I'd want the bag to be an everyday bag, but of course I would alternate so it wouldn't have to absolutely match everything.

Which would you choose?


Jan 29, 2007
I have an giant anthracite day and I'm in love with it, I really wonder if the RH one exists.
I really think your best choice would be anthracite I find it goes with everything and the leather is TDF:heart:


Jul 31, 2006
anthacite, but please know I'm extremely biased- I only have 1 bbag (an anthracite city) and am totally in love with it! However, the color is extremely versatile and will take you through all 4 seasons easily.
Feb 5, 2006
I'm on the phone with BalNY right now inquiring about the RH day in anthra. They do exist, but BalNY has sold out. Has anyone seen one anywhere?