My first bbag - help me choose

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  1. I was originally drawn into this forum because I was looking for an emerald colored bag, and someone linked me to a a vert gazon day on ebay and I fell in love. Sadly, I lost that auction, but I'm still drooling over a bbag, and most particular - the Day. I just love the shape.

    Reading through the forum, and atelier.naff, and all other pictures I could find, I've been digging on 4 colors in particular (besides the tomato, which I will definitely pick up). I can't decide between white, sandstone, emerald or anthracite. The first three I've been able to locate, but I haven't found an anthracite day. Do they even exist? Has anyone seen one recently?

    Also, which of those 4 colors would you consider most versatile? I wear a lot of colors on top and tend to wear black or charcoal gray trousers or skirts for work. I'd want the bag to be an everyday bag, but of course I would alternate so it wouldn't have to absolutely match everything.

    Which would you choose?
  2. Sandstone would probably be the most versatile and easiest to match.
  3. I say anthra, it seems like it will go with everything!
  4. Sandstone!! 100% :tup:

    Pictures don't do this color justice!! It is gorgeous IRL!! :yes:
  5. emerald by far!
  6. sandstone for me!
  7. anthracite for me!
  8. I have an giant anthracite day and I'm in love with it, I really wonder if the RH one exists.
    I really think your best choice would be anthracite I find it goes with everything and the leather is TDF:heart:
  9. anthacite, but please know I'm extremely biased- I only have 1 bbag (an anthracite city) and am totally in love with it! However, the color is extremely versatile and will take you through all 4 seasons easily.
  10. Sandstone is very nice IRL. The color is neutral but still stands out and goes with everything
  11. Anthra!!:tup:
  12. So, white is totally out then? =)
  13. I'm on the phone with BalNY right now inquiring about the RH day in anthra. They do exist, but BalNY has sold out. Has anyone seen one anywhere?
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