My first Balenciaga!

  1. This is she!

    Sorry....I'm a tad slow, I'm usually on the JC forum.

    I only found out after I had bought this bag that the seller was a PF member, and a super wonderful one at that! :tup:

    I've had her for a few days now, and I am still in awe at the leather....OK, now I know what "smooshy" means! ;)

    I'm a 'uge JC fan, but I'll post photos of my new bag in action soon...she is so beautiful! Love, love, love the Rouge VIF color....the exact color red I was looking for! And I LOVE the City! :heart:

    And Livethelake, how lucky was I to have bought my first BBag from her??? She's such a great seller and so much fun (I still get that whole Jimmy who/who's on first thing stuck in my head every now and then). :p

    Oh, but if there ever IS another BBag? Plomb/Steel....I do believe that would be the one. :rolleyes:
  2. YEAH!!!! I KNOW this will not be your ONLY BBag!!!:graucho: It's beautiful and it's a great thing you bought her from a fellow PFer!!!
  3. Ah, a Rouge VIF City; I saw one of these over a year ago and fell in love with Balenciaga's bags. Good choice!
  4. Love Rouge Vif and love it in the city! Welcome to your new obsession!:party:
  5. Congrats, I just bought my first one today too!

    I agree about the City, what a perfect bag. But you went all out with red... It's so gorgeous.

    So good day today!
  6. My husband was in the US Navy stationed on nuclear submarines...and their motto is pretty much "go big or go home" when trying to decide on my first bbag color, this was it!! And I have not regretted it for a second! :yahoo:

    My second choice would indeed be something a tad more "understated", such as the Steel. I wish I could see the color IRL though....but from what I've seen of the photos photos posted here it is lovely! :tup:
  7. cOngrats~! I bought my first bBag from her t:huh: :yes:
  8. how wonderful!
  9. congrats. gorgeous color.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Yay! Rouge Vif City was my first bbag too! You're gonna looove it! :smile:
  12. Congrats on your B bag. It's a smashing color!
  13. Beautiful! Congrats
  14. Really amazing bag - many congratulations!
  15. congrats..cant wait to see it :heart: